Whether you are an energy hungry manufacturer requiring a bespoke contract or a small office needing to save some time and hassle we are able to provide the right contract and support for your business.

Why work with us


Hassle Free Switch

We take care of everything from start to finish meaning you can get on with running your business. With an industry leading 97% go live rate we are confident in our ability to get the job done.

Supplier Management

Relationships are crucial and we all want to speak to someone who knows us and understands us. With a dedicated account manager we can provide one point of contact for all your queries and issues meaning that whether you have one or multiple suppliers you only ever have to deal with one person who knows you and your business.

Advanced Pricing

At a time of increasing prices and volatility and uncertainty in has never been more important to stay ahead of the market. Due to the strong relationships we have with suppliers we can look at securing contract way ahead of your renewal window ensuring you are protected and can budget effectively.  


Never before has it been more important to secure rates long term in order to avoid future price rises. With our range of contract terms up to 6 years we can guarantee you a satisfactory price for as long as you wish to remain protected.


With so much choice out there it is crucial to find the right contract for your business. So whether you need a flexible option, pass through elements or a fully fixed term we can provide what's best for your business.

Legislative Compliance

Legislation changes regularly and will continue to do so often leaving business owner open to non compliance issues. Here at Kudos we can support you with expert legislative advice and guidance to ensure you are always operating 100% compliant.